The Kitchen at Mi Ranchito

Linn San Manuel, Texas​            956-239-2239

Ready for a South Texas BBQ? At Mi Ranchito that is whats on the menu. Mesquite flavored beef ribs, chicken, fajitas, smoked sausage, and good old fire breathing hot peppers. Corn and Flour tortillas all served with fresh, hot and spicy pico de gallo and avocado. Wash it all down with a cold beverage of your choice all provided by Mi Ranchito Sporting Clays or one of the local caterers such as Bar-B-Cuties BBQ Restaurant. All food items and drinks will be made available to our clients based on the number of guests and shooters at the event. Pricing for the food and beverages will be discussed prior to the event.  Should a client feel the need to provide their own food and beverages they are welcome to do so at their own expense.  

Mi Ranchito Sporting Clays

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